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Bài gửi by Tam_vp on Sat Jun 07, 2008 9:30 am

Career in future Smile
What do u want to become in future?When i was a child, I used to want to become a singer.When i said to my mother about my dream, she only smiled.Of course, she must have known that i never could become a singer and It was only my childish dream. Now when i've studied for 10 years, I realised that my mother is right because to become a singer is not as simple as I thought.I think it is not a suitable job for me.And now when a person asks me about my dream,i don't know how to answer since i don't know what job will be suitable for me now.It is very difficult to choose especially when you grow up and have many chances in your life.The future like the ways.You don't know how to go and which way is the shortest way that can take you to your why don't we share about our career in future.I hope that we can help each other find a suitable job for ourself. Thank you for your attention.Best of luck in your future! 🇺🇦
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